Individual Counselling

Relationships can be difficult at times. How often do we say things we don't mean, or fail to say how we really feel? How hard can it be to hear and understand the other person's perspective when we're struggling to make sense of our own feelings? Counselling can help improve your communication skills as a couple for the long term. Once you are able to talk openly and honestly it becomes easier to find the solutions your relationship needs.

Self Development

​​Couples Counselling

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A particular interest of mine is self development. I believe that the better we understand ourselves and our emotions the fuller and happier our lives become. How often do you consciously want to achieve something and yet feel there is something holding you back, a sense that you are standing in your own way? Do you ever find yourself repeating unwanted behaviours but not know how to break free? Does procrastination and self doubt hold you back? How would it impact your life if you were able to understand and resolve these inner blocks and move forward?

As an integrative counsellor in private practice I am equipped to work with a range of different issues and concerns including depression, anxiety, anger, grief and loss, addiction, and compulsive behaviours. As a human being I hope that I am equipped to work with other human beings to try to help them understand themselves, their complex thoughts, feelings and behaviours and why they sometimes feel such distress. 

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Hello and welcome,

My name is Tina Fair and I am a counsellor, couples therapist and emotional well-being coach based in North Norfolk.

I work with individuals who are struggling with mental and emotional health concerns, couples with relationship difficulties and people who would simply like to feel better emotionally and "get more out of life".  

My approach is integrative allowing me to tailor sessions to your individual needs and I am happy to work either short or long term depending on your circumstances.

I hope you find the information on these pages useful. I am happy to answer any questions or

queries you may have.

If you are ready to take the next step please contact me to book your initial consultation,

Kindest regards,

Tina Fair