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A particular interest of mine is self development. I believe that the better we understand ourselves and our emotions the fuller and happier our lives become. How often do you consciously want to achieve something and yet feel there is something holding you back, a sense that you are standing in your own way? Do you ever find yourself repeating unwanted behaviours but not know how to break free? Does procrastination and self doubt hold you back? How would it impact your life if you were able to understand and resolve these inner blocks and move forward?

With a background in supporting people to achieve their goals I offer 90 minute personal growth sessions which are structured around identifying and attaining a particular goal. I believe we are best placed to achieve our goals when we feel good about ourselves and within ourselves therefore self-care and well being are important components of the sessions. If you would like to know more please contact me to book in for an initial consultation and don't forget to let me know it's personal growth support you're interested in.

Call or text on 07867673860. Email: tinadfair@gmail.com

If you are feeling depressed, anxious, confused or overwhelmed I offer a compassionate, accepting space in which you can talk about what you're experiencing. Very often avoiding our feelings can take more energy and cause us more pain than acknowledging them. Counselling offers you the opportunity to share and explore your feelings. Whether you've been struggling for a while or some recent event has affected you I am happy to help. I specialize in working with clients with long term issues such as anxiety and depression but also enjoy working in a more short term solution focused way where appropriate. I offer a reduced fee consultation which allows us to explore your situation and a possible way forward with no obligation on your part if you choose not to continue. Feel free to contact me by phone or text on 07867673860 or by email at tinadfair@gmail.com 

My business hours are Mon to Sat 8.00am to 7.00pm. If I can't get back to you straight away it will be within 24 hours but please remember to leave a message as otherwise confidentiality considerations may prevent me from calling back.

Individual Counselling

Relationships with loved ones can enrich our lives but when they begin to go wrong they can cause enormous emotional distress. If you have a relationship in difficulty that is affecting your quality of life couples counselling can offer a calm atmosphere in which to explore your differences as well as skills to improve your communication with each other and empathy for each other. Of course some relationships do breakdown and people do decide to go separate ways in which case good communication and increased empathy can help to make the split more amicable.

 "Couples" aren't always intimate partnerships, it could be that you and a parent sibling or close friend are in difficulty and would like the opportunity to talk things through. If you have a familiar pattern of issues in relationships you may wish to explore this in individual counselling with a view to improving future relationships. Again, I offer a reduced fee, no obligation consultation and will be delighted to help if I can, please do ge tin touch.

Hello and welcome,

My name is Tina Fair and I am an experienced and qualified counsellor with a private practice based in North Norfolk and accessible from Norwich.

I work with individuals who are struggling with mental and emotional health concerns, couples with relationship difficulties and people who would simply like to feel better emotionally and "get more out of life".  

My approach is integrative allowing me to tailor sessions to your individual needs and I am happy to work either short or long term depending on your circumstances.

I hope you find the information on these pages useful. I am happy to answer any questions or queries you may have.

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Tina Fair