Psychotherapeutic Counselling

Most people come to counselling because of how they feel. Simply put, they feel bad in some way and want to feel better. Sadly, many people don't come to counselling because they can't see how sitting in a room talking to someone (however nice they may be!) will help them to feel better. 

Counselling is better experienced than explained but let's give it a try......

When you talk to friends or loved ones the very fact that they care about you, and you about them means that you monitor what you say; you don't want to express your needs for fear of hurting their feelings, or tell them how sad you feel and add to their worries. You may fear that they won't understand you anyway. You may be unable to say how you feel about "that friend" in case it gets back to them. You may hold back your anger for fear it will overwhelm you and make you say or do something you regret. It may be just too painful to share that shameful secret with someone whose opinion matters so much to you......

And so we learn to deny our thoughts and our feelings, getting ever more skillful at doing so until they become buried so deep we're barely aware of them ourselves. 

In the counselling relationship you are offered confidentiality -  meaning you can say what you truly feel without fear of others finding out, empathy - meaning the counsellor strives to truly understand how things are for you, and unconditional positive regard - meaning you won't be judged, blamed or shamed. With many of your fears relieved you can drop your "mask" and say what you really think; out loud and maybe for the first time. You can acknowledge how you truly feel and allow those feelings to guide you towards solutions that are right for you. This can be the start of understanding and accepting yourself fully and living the life that is right for you, replacing stress, anxiety, depression and frustration with confidence, healthy self-esteem and peace of mind.

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What would you like to change?

​~ Anxiety - being more confident in social situations, speaking publicly or in exams and tests?

​~ Generalised Anxiety Disorder - finding the root of persistent anxiety?

~ Depression - breaking free of the "black dog" and enjoying life again?

~ Work place stress - learning to cope with conflict and pressure or being more assertive?

~ Relationship issues - better communication, resolving conflicts or even recognising abuse?

~ Addictive behaviours - quitting smoking, gambling less or changing drinking habits?

​~ Compulsive behaviours - reducing binge eating, spending less time on line?

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